Thursday, September 9, 2010

Stoning of Iranian "Adulteress" and Paris Hilton

Am I  the only one who thinks this is incredibly messed up? Am I the only one who believes Iran needs to join this century? These women would most likely not feel the urge to commit adultery if they weren't living in fear of the husbands they are forced to marry for the sole purpose of breeding. They too were given sense when they were created. Sakineh Ashtiani needs to be freed, and now. I do not agree with her sentence of death by stoning, and I'm sure the rest of humanity that actually has a conscience and morals would agree.
Now, on to Paris Hilton. This woman has more drug issues than the drug cartels in Mexico! Why hasn't this woman been ordered to rehab like most of her counterparts? If she can fit a cigarette box comfortably in her twat, I hate to see what size dick she needs!!! Another thing, if you're going to smuggle drugs into a public place, DON'T DO THEM IN PLAIN SIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good grief..... where is her brain? Oh, wait, it's  in her clitoris.

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