Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The latest school shooting and Georgian 11 year old charged with death of child

Hi, everyone! It's me, Ms. Opinionated, here to rant on and on about the news and everything else.
Well, there was another school shooting today. Sadly, this does not surprise me in the least. Why? School officials take no notice of what is going on around them. They don't seem to know why this young individual saw fit to bring a gun to school and open fire on the school officer. Principals and vice principals today don't pay attention, and when a potentially volatile situation is brought to their attention, they brush it off. Take, for example, any situation involving hazing, teasin, or anything else that can cause a student to lose their minds temporarily, or, in some cases, permanently. The general response to these situations? "I'm sorry, Mr. or Mrs. So and So, there's nothing we can do about this type of problem." Bullshit. Get off your fat asses, quit drinking coffee and pretending to look important, and actually interact with your students. I understand, you can't possible be everywhere at once, but Christ! You can listen, can't you? When I was in middle school in Louisiana, my principal did everything he possibly could to prevent the misery I went through, but he couldn't be everywhere at one time. He did, however, make himself available for me to talk to if the counselor wasn't in, or if I just wanted to talk with him. For the most part, it kept me from going nuts. The same goes for the vice principal and most of the deans at the same school. Sadly, they weren't able to stop one of my classmates from getting picked on horribly, and she threatened to kill the entire 7th period band class as a result. I'm not sure if she never told anyone, or what. Guess what? I don't blame her one bit. If I felt completely alone, I would have reacted the same way. Candy, if you ever read this, I did try to be there for you, but I couldn't be all the time. I guess maybe I should have switched to seventh period band so we could talk more. Those assholes knew better than to mess with me for the most part. I suppose they did see you as a weirdo, but we all are in middle school. I know I was. However, that doesn't give a person the right to treat another like shit. That brings me back to the school officials. Why wasn't the teacher paying attention to what was going on under her nose? I know she was busy, but there were times things happened that she could have put an end to it. Why wasn't any of this brought to someone higher up on the hierarchy? There are a lot of things that can be done to prevent stuff like that from happening, if teachers and other officials would care more about their students than their paychecks. You officials want to tell your students to grow up. They're not the ones that need to. You are. We deal with more shit in our day than you ever did when you were in school. So what if you had to walk miles to school. Once you got there, if anyone acted up you also got punished for it. Why is that? Class sizes were smaller, and your teacher actually gave a damn. Maybe you should take a long hard look at him or her, and learn from them.
Onto the 11 year old charged with the death of a 2 year old in her care. Is it just me, or should the parent of the 2 year old be shot for leaving her child in the care of someone so young? Yes, there was blunt force trauma to her head, torso, and buttocks. That doesn't mean a damn thing. The child could have actually fallen out of bed as the 11 year old stated. Once again, WTF was the mother of this 2 year old thinking? Most 11 year olds are not mature enough to babysit without supervision. This woman should be charged with neglect. As a mother of a 2 year old, I don't leave my children in the care of someone so young unless there's an adult or someone older there as well. I'M NOT FUCKING STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jesus, people. Wake the fuck up!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Don't ask, don't tell

Hi, everyone! Ms. Opinionated giving you a dose of my rantings. Enjoy!
Does anyone agree with the "Don't ask, don't tell" laws in effect from our darling military? I don't, and apparently neither does Lady Gaga. If anyone doesn't agree with her Tweeting her senators, take your opinions and shove them sideways up your ass without lube. This is still a free country for the time being, so therefore we can and should let our representatives know how we feel. Granted, if you wish them dead, it would probably wise to keep that bit of information to yourself. Apparently some of you jackasses out there feel that she isn't allowed to have an opinion or thoughts of her own just because she's a famous music artist. Boil your opinions and shove them up your ass while still searing hot. Here's a big shock: THAT LAW GOES AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION!!!!! If you're going to defend one part of the constitution, defend all of it. It does not exist just for you to pick and choose what parts of it you agree with it. If you don't like this country, LEAVE!!! We have enough assholes without people like you littering our groundspace.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Good day, everyone. This is Ms. Opinionated giving you my opinion on various things. Today, it's not the news. The topic for today is stupidity.
I fucking hate stupidity. I don't care what form said stupidity takes, I hate it. For instance, couples who argue about the most retarded of things, such as a pack of gravy mix, for the love of Christ. Let me say that again. Arguing over a pack of fucking GRAVY MIX! Please note that the couple in question have children to take care of, and therefore should have better things to do than argue over utter idiocy. People like that really piss me off. I am of the opinion that people like this should use said pack of gravy to make enough paper cuts on their bodies to bleed to death. There is enough violence in today's world without jackasses like them.
Another form of stupidity that REALLY annoys me: people who think that the more they blow their horn, the faster it will make people move. I heard you the first time you blew, and the second, and the third, and the rest of the 10,000 times, you fucking MORON. Blowing the horn more than once or twice is useless, annoying, and inconsiderate. Not everyone is deaf. Lay off the fucking horn, or I'll rip it out and wrap it around your throat! 
Now for the clincher: stupid people that think they're smart, and therefore will argue a point for hours, all the while making themselves look even more retarded than they already are. If you are one of these people, please do me and the rest of society a favor and kill yourself slowly by using a BB gun to repeatedly shoot yourself in the head. If you are arguing a point, and you seem to be wrong, RESEARCH the fucking issue at hand before you start the hours long debate that the other person probably doesn't want to be in to begin with. If you are no longer in school, and your fifth grader who has been studying the states in America comes home and tells you that there are 50 states, do not argue that there is only 49. You are trying to prove the geography textbook wrong, and it makes you look like an idiot. Also, when you are FINALLY proven wrong, don't get that sore loser attitude. The other person is contradicting you, yes. If you had actually paid attention in school and to the news, the need for contradiction would no longer exist. Graciously accept the loss, admit that you're wrong, and get the fuck over it. No one is right all the time. You do not know everything.
On that note, this is Ms. Opinionated, signing off to try to get my brain to stop short circuiting.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The French ban on burkas, the study showing gloominess may up heart risk, and other assorted opinions

Ms. Opinionated here to give you today's opinion on the news and other assorted topics.
Let's start with the French banning Muslim women from wearing burkas and nijhabs. Okay, so the Muslim religion likes their women to be covered basically from head to toe. I don't agree with this myself, but banning a religious symbol is going a bit far. I understand France is not the free country that we are, but for the love of God, Allah, or whomever your little fancy wants to worship, banning religious symbols is not acceptable. Anywhere. If we were to ban some sort of French religious symbol, they would have a cow. Seriously, get over yourselves.
Now for the new study showing that "having a gloomy personality may up the risk of being a heart patient." What is with these freaking research studies? Do these doctors not have anything better to do than create a study showing that gloominess can up one's risk for heart issues? Well, if I weren't already gloomy, I am now! What makes me so gloomy is that our hard earned tax dollars are going to fund these retarded studies! Jesus H Christ. Enough researching things that have already been proven more than one time!
And to finish my rant for the day: People who bitch and moan about wanting help, AND THEN NOT ACTING LIKE THEY WANT HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!! If your life is so screwed up, get the help you so desperately seem to need, or shut up and drop yourself off the nearest cliff, bridge, or other structure that is multiple stories high. Quit bugging everyone around you. It makes you look like a jackass.
On that note, this is Ms. Opinionated signing off.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Religion, Quran burning, and teen runaway in Brazil

Hello, everyone! Ms. Opinionated here to give you my daily dose of insightful and hopefully amusing opinions on the news.
Let's start with the very religious week that is currently going on. This week is the end of Ramadan for the Islamic community, and the beginning of Rosh Hashanah for the Jewish community. On top of that, tomorrow symbolizes the 9th anniversary of 9/11. What a weekend this is going to be! I hope the religious community as a whole decides to retain their sanity, and not do anything retarded, like burn the Quran. I don't see that as being too pretty of a scenario. Maybe the meeting of some religious leaders in New York and other cities is a good sign. We can only hope.
Speaking of religion, who gave the pastor in Gainesville, FLA the idea to burn copies of the Quran? I really think whoever did so needs to undergo an immediate lobotomy, as does the pastor for agreeing with such an idiotic idea. What kind of reaction do they expect? "It is only going to be directed at the Islam extremists..." Really? It doesn't seem that way, as said pastor has decided to do this right around the time plans for buildings an Islamic worship center blocks away from Ground Zero are being discussed. Personally, I agree with the decision to build a mosque in that location. It will give the Muslims who disagree with Al Qaeda a chance to show their faces, and repent for what their cuckoo counterparts did, since apparently Al Qaeda has no intention if doing that themselves. It will also make American extremists, such as the dear pastor from The Dove World Outreach center, understand that people of all religions have the right to worship as they please. This is America, not some third world country where no one but the men are free. For the love of all things good, please realize that it was a group of extremists and not the entire relgion as a whole that commited the awful acts on 9/11.
As for the teen girl who ran away to Brazil with her boyfriend, maybe we should take a closer look at why she says she has no wish to return home at this time. Is there some sort of abuse going on? Is she just a headstrong teen? Who knows? To read the headlines on the subject, there is no investigation being made as to why she wanted to leave with someone she met online less than a year ago. I do, however, agree that if she were a senator or congressman's child, she would have been brought home as soon as she landed in Brazil, no questions asked. My opinion is that whatever actions are taken should be taken in her best interest, and not the interest of lawmakers, diplomats, or her parents. If she's happy, safe, and well in Brazil, let her be until she;s ready to come home. Before anyone can ask, I am a mother myself, and if my children ran away to another country, I would be trying to figure out what I did to make them want to leave. I don't agree with the way she went about handling her departure, but I also don't blame her for leaving if there was some sort of abuse going on.l Note to lawmakers where this girl's hometown is: Look deeper into the situation before dragging her back here. You don't want to put her back in harm's way if there is something going on, now do you?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Stoning of Iranian "Adulteress" and Paris Hilton

Am I  the only one who thinks this is incredibly messed up? Am I the only one who believes Iran needs to join this century? These women would most likely not feel the urge to commit adultery if they weren't living in fear of the husbands they are forced to marry for the sole purpose of breeding. They too were given sense when they were created. Sakineh Ashtiani needs to be freed, and now. I do not agree with her sentence of death by stoning, and I'm sure the rest of humanity that actually has a conscience and morals would agree.
Now, on to Paris Hilton. This woman has more drug issues than the drug cartels in Mexico! Why hasn't this woman been ordered to rehab like most of her counterparts? If she can fit a cigarette box comfortably in her twat, I hate to see what size dick she needs!!! Another thing, if you're going to smuggle drugs into a public place, DON'T DO THEM IN PLAIN SIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good grief..... where is her brain? Oh, wait, it's  in her clitoris.