Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The French ban on burkas, the study showing gloominess may up heart risk, and other assorted opinions

Ms. Opinionated here to give you today's opinion on the news and other assorted topics.
Let's start with the French banning Muslim women from wearing burkas and nijhabs. Okay, so the Muslim religion likes their women to be covered basically from head to toe. I don't agree with this myself, but banning a religious symbol is going a bit far. I understand France is not the free country that we are, but for the love of God, Allah, or whomever your little fancy wants to worship, banning religious symbols is not acceptable. Anywhere. If we were to ban some sort of French religious symbol, they would have a cow. Seriously, get over yourselves.
Now for the new study showing that "having a gloomy personality may up the risk of being a heart patient." What is with these freaking research studies? Do these doctors not have anything better to do than create a study showing that gloominess can up one's risk for heart issues? Well, if I weren't already gloomy, I am now! What makes me so gloomy is that our hard earned tax dollars are going to fund these retarded studies! Jesus H Christ. Enough researching things that have already been proven more than one time!
And to finish my rant for the day: People who bitch and moan about wanting help, AND THEN NOT ACTING LIKE THEY WANT HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!! If your life is so screwed up, get the help you so desperately seem to need, or shut up and drop yourself off the nearest cliff, bridge, or other structure that is multiple stories high. Quit bugging everyone around you. It makes you look like a jackass.
On that note, this is Ms. Opinionated signing off.

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