Friday, October 29, 2010

Another day, another post
Well, this is comforting news. The Air Force lost communication with nuclear missiles, yet they say the public was not in jeopardy. "We can't communicate with missiles that can destroy half the universe, but no worries. The public is safe." What the fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last time I checked my store of COMMON SENSE, this was a BIG issue to worry about. Losing contact with weapons of mass destruction is never safe, and not really something you should alert the public about UNLESS THERE'S A REASON TO WORRY!. Honestly, where did some of the Air Force intelligence get their college degrees? From a pay-by-piece-of-paper site where a lot of our Catholic priests seem to be getting their papers? Honestly, living in this country worries me sometimes. Don't get me wrong, I'm proud to be an American, but the level of idiocy in the top offices of this nation is concerning. What happened to this country? Oh, wait. We started electing dumbasses who have no political or life experiences.
Finally, I can give a mostly positive opinion on something. Yaaaaay!!!!! It's about time the government steps in to deal with the huge issue of bullying in schools. It is a major issue that needed to be addressed a long time ago. I am so proud of our government! They finally got something right. Now for the one negative issue in all the positive steps they have taken with this. WHY DID IT TAKE A BUNCH OF KIDS COMMITTING SUICIDE FOR THE LAWMAKERS TO STEP IN???? Just because a chain of "bullicides" have taken place does not mean the violation of civil rights just occured. Bullying has always been a violation of civil rights, and should have been taken care of aeons ago. However, like I said, I am so proud of our government. It's about damn time they give us a reason to be, wouldn't you say?
I think schools abuse their powers. When they step outside the boundaries of teaching and stick their noses into a student's Facebook, which is none of the school's business, they've gone too far. Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING a student does off school property is anyone's fucking business but that student's and his/her parents. Gee, why is there so much bullying? Maybe it's because school officials are too busy nosing through a student's personal lide to pay the fuck attention to what's going on under their noses. I do not believe this school had the right to suspend her from the cheerleading squad, or anything else for that matter, without having her parents there. They are REQUIRED to notify the parents before any disciplinary actions are taken.

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